Fitness Men and Women workout Basic Sweat Sauna Waist Belts

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Fitness Men and Woman's Workout waist trainer basic wear. 

Material: Polyester,Microfiber,Spandex,Acrylic

Fitness Men and Women workout New Slimming Waist Belts Neoprene Body Shaper Training Corsets Cincher Trainer Promote Sweat Bodysuit.

Working out with the fitness sweat suit in Gym or Sauna. You can wear our fitness sweat suit in Training with equipment and fat-roasting classes-including yoga, Pilates, spinning, Zumba or kickboxing, sweat a your tense from your body and won't feel uncomfortable! 

This is the basic workout sweat suit for Men and Women!

Get it today and get ready for your summer time! Hot and sharped !