Egg timer & Hard Boiled Egg tool

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Egg Tools Type: Beep Eggs
Material: Silicone
Egg Tools
Function: Cook Egg
Eggbeater Laying Method: Cook Egg
size: 5.5cm

The perfect duo that creates the best egg dishes

Eggs are supposed to be one of the easiest foods to cook but some people just can't get the hard boiled or soft boiled egg that they want. Now there's a way to make stovetop cooking for eggs on point and flavorful with the Egg timer & Hard Boiled Egg System!

Create and customize hard boiled and soft boiled eggs with these egg containers where you can transfer the contents of an egg and decide on how to make them: egg white only, egg yolk only, with seasonings or with other ingredients to create the perfect egg meal. And why not use a handy submersible egg timer along with it? This system also includes an egg timer that can be added to the same water where you're cooking your eggs. It changes color as the eggs cook to let you know how done the eggs are. Watch as it shifts from soft boiled to medium to hard boiled.

With an egg cooking system like this, creating egg dishes becomes a fun and easy task that you can enjoy along with the rest of your family!

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